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Get the most money for your old car by selling it to a junkyard!

    old car-cash-money-junkyardKedzie Cash Junk Cars LLC 773-395-2515

    You can get the most money for your old car by selling it to a junkyard.

    Junkyards will offer you top dollar for your vehicle because they will dismantle it and sell the parts and materials individually.

    Selling your car to a junkyard is not only the best way to get the most money for it, but it’s also the most environmentally friendly.

    What happens if your car gets totaled?

      totaled car-car accident-insurance-junk car-junkyard-repairsIf you’ve ever been in a car accident and your car is totaled, you know that it can be a traumatic experience.

      Not only is there the potential for physical injury, but the emotional stress of dealing with the aftermath can be overwhelming.

      You will likely need to go through your insurance company to get a new car, and you may also need to file a claim.

      Be sure to keep all of your paperwork together, as you will need it to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

      When a car is not worth repairing?

        car-repairs-damage-junk car-wear and tear-sellWhen it comes to repairing a car, there may come a time when it is no longer feasible or affordable.

        You should consider several factors when making this decision, such as the age and value of the car, the cost of repairs, your driving habits, and the availability of replacement parts.

        If any of these factors outweigh the others, it may be time to consider selling your car and buying a new one.

        It is especially important to consider the age of your car, as newer models tend to have more modern features and are less expensive to repair.

        How to junk a car in Chicago?

          junk car-junk-Chicago-cash for cars-cash-carKedzie Cash Junk Cars LLC 773-985-2515

          If you’re thinking about junking your car, there are a few things you need to do to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

          The process is relatively simple and can be done by anyone who is 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license.

          You will need to provide certain documents, such as the title of the vehicle and proof of insurance, to complete the transaction.

          You’ll also need to find a reputable junk car buyer, get your car ready for sale, and make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in order.

          How often should you wash your car?

            car-wash-tips- car maintenanceYou spend a lot of money on car maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake pads.

            Have you ever thought about investing in something as basic as cleaning your car? How often should you do it and how crucial is it?

            When your car needs a wash, it may be obvious.

            For example, after a long day of driving on a dusty gravel road. Or when a swarm of birds aims the hood of your car when you’re parked under what seems like the perfect shade tree.

            What happens if you don’t wash your car?

              car-dirt-wash-repairs-rustIt’s no secret that a clean car is a happy car. Not only does it look nicer, but it also runs better and lasts longer.

              That’s why it’s important to wash your car regularly, especially if you live in a dusty or dirty area.

              Dirt, dust, and other debris can build up on your car’s exterior over time. This can cause the paint to fade and the car to become rust-prone.

              To avoid these problems, it is important to wash your car.

              What should I do if my car won’t start?

                car-junk car-non-running car-repairsIf your car won’t start, the first thing you should do is stay calm. This can be a frustrating experience, but getting angry won’t help.

                Once you’re calm, you can start troubleshooting the problem.

                There are many reasons why a car might not start, from a dead battery to a blown fuse. Once you’ve determined the problem, you can take steps to fix it.

                I lost my title, can I sell my used car?

                  car title-used car-sell-cash for carsKedzie Cash Junk Cars LLC 773-395-2515

                  When you lose your car title, it can be difficult to sell your used car. However, there is hope for you and your car.

                  Fortunately, there are a few ways to sell a car without a title. One option is to contact a junkyard like Kedzie Cash Junk Cars LLC.

                  You will need to provide proof of ownership and the car’s lienholder must sign off on the sale.

                  We will buy your car, regardless of its condition, and will work with you to make the transaction as smooth and easy as possible.